Cameron is quite a dynamo!

Miles Gibson, author

Cameron hired me as Offline Editor for his Short film ‘The Other Woman’ and it has been a great experience working with him. He is easy to communicate with when liaising with the edits, flexible in terms of putting forward new and creative ideas and easily explains his vision to put it into fruition. I will happily work with Cameron again. He is an inspiring upcoming Director that will go far.

Phillip Hockley

I’ve known Cameron since 2011 when we worked on a London 2012 Olympics / Paralympics community media project. He has spent the years that followed developing an excellent set of both practical skills and developing new media projects especially photography and filmmaking. I use his work to demonstrate to my University students the commitment needed in the creative industry and the quality of work that can be achieved through focus. I’ve learned something about myself through engaging directly with him (either on his radio show or hosting his work at events) and always have Cameron at the top of my list ‘of people to involve’ on every new project I personally undertake. I thoroughly recommend him as a creative.

John Coster, journalist

A joy to work with, in every way

Andy Anson, actor

Writer & Director