The Other Woman (Short) – Director

An elderly lady is confronted by the actions of her eventful promiscuous past in the 1950s. And later visited by her two older deceased sisters. Starring ITV Plebs star, Sophie Colquhoun. Coming 2021.


Thank you to the wonderful team bringing our vision to screen. A small budget but mighty! The Other Woman is a story of viewing back life’s true sense of love and emotion, while holding hope for what never was– Cameron L Horace.

Based on a short story by Miles Gibson, Written and Directed by Cameron Lee Horace, with additional material by Sophie Colquhoun.

Executive Producers:

Cameron Lee Horace

Sophie Colquhoun

Director of Photography:

Jordan Adcock

Sound Design:

Phillip Quinton


Phillip Hockley


Jordan Adcock

With Special thanks to:

Bipin Anand

Melissa Delbridge

Special Thanks
Matthew James Eve

Special Thanks
Robin Somes

James Vale

Lynda Vale

Sylvia Webster

Karen & Mark for permission to film in their Air BnB Cottage.
Gail Richardson for wonderful hospitality

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